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Consider a draft beer system for your establishment. We're happy to sit down with you and explain the benefits of draft systems, or to suggest modifications that would inprove your present system.


>>Maximize your profits
One of the most profitable items that a retailer can sell today is DRAFT BEER. A 15.5 gallon keg of beer yields ~130 pours. At $3 each, that's close to $400 in sales and over $300 in profit after subtracting the cost of the keg. If you sell 5 kegs a week, that can add up to over $80,000 in profit.

>>Dispense multiple brands
Offering a number of brews will lead to increased sales. Dispense from a central location. Tap handles advertise brands.

>>Environmentally friendly
No disposables. No landfill contributions. A beer keg is used over and over for a decade OR MORE!


>>Upgrading equipment
New engineering advances can maximize profitability and product quality!

>>System expansion
If business is good, and you want more of it, we can suggest ways to sell more brands, and to dispense from multiple location at your bar.

>>Get the most out of your existing system
We can tweak things here and there to keep your system in proper balance.

Design. Install.

CLEAN BEER has been designing and installing draft systems for over 30 years. With over 250 installations state-wide, CLEAN BEER's reputation for custom installations is second to none.


>>Meet your floor plan requirements
If new construction, we will work with your architects and builders to ensure form and functionality to your bar area. Designed and installed for ease of maintenance and service.

>>Turnkey systems from start to finish
We handle all aspects of equipment ordering, initial supplies, and plumbing and electrical subcontractors. On-site staff demonstration and training.

>>Install in any walk-in refrigerator
Our goal is a smart use of refrigerated space; systems and confiigurations are compact, and can service multiple dispensing areas on one or more floors.

>>Complete glycol system draft towers
Keep dispensing lines and faucets ice cold allowing you to pour more efficiently.

>>Highest quality components
Choose from a wide range of UL and NSF approved hardware.


>>Improve your existing system.
Draft beer systems are constantly being improved. We specialize in existing system upgrades, enhancements and expansion to meet the needs of your growing establishment


Keep profits high and customers happy by ensuring that each pint you pour is perfect in every way. REMEMBER... an after taste can be a lasting taste, and can decrease food sales. CLEAN BEER has a maintenance program just for you!


>>Beer lines purged and cleaned
Each beer line is drained, purged and cleaned to maintain the taste of your beer and prevent foam-causing debris from building up in the lines.

>>Faucets and couplers sanitized
The entire dispensing route is sanitized, including all hardware that comes in contact with product.

>>Refrigeration and pressure systems checked
As part of our mainenance process, refrigeration and pressure controls are checked and optimized to ensure great draft beer, pour after pour.

>>Programs available that meet your needs.
CLEAN BEER services hundreds of restaurants and bars on a monthly basis. Please call for a service plan quote.


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Gregg Peterson

CLEAN BEER: The New Hampshire leader in design, installation and maintenance of draft beer systems.